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About the Author

I was born in Manchester and grew up in Rawtenstall in Lancashire, the daughter of a doctor and a primary school teacher, the youngest of three girls. My growing up with two of the dearest sisters, has been a central influence on my life and our home really was a hive of activity: there was always a buzz-plenty of things going on, plenty of chatter and lots of listening to music practice and records. Living with the surgeries in the basement of course meant that there was a lot of life on the doorstep. The phone rang a lot and being on call before mobile phones, meant a very different way of managing things. Both our parents were busy but always had time for us.

I always loved writing essays, and used to keep a five year diary.

There are lots of stories about how words became intriguing.Our father, had a way of playing with words that I think we all caught on to, and found amusing. Later on  in my life, I remember his encouraging me, still to write, saying:

I know you can do it, you have our quirky way of turning a phrase, that makes folk think a bit more: I see it working with your psychotherapy and with your writing

Writing with a pen name.

Probably as old as writing itself people have used pen names for so many different reasons. For me it helped so much in the process of getting started!

Eva came from  writing when it was quiet at night and from Eva Cassidy - I loved  the poetry of her song. The Le came from my grandmother. and Bon from a mixture of it being a good idea to do some writing and it was also the name of someone we knew.

Bring down the Moon is not autobiographical although they do say a story lives in all of us.

Does life ever stand still? So much can happen all at once it seems. For lots of us comes sadness, and loss, life changing things:disappointments, things that work out differently than once hoped for; the shocks of untimely deaths. Aside from personal things, working with trauma over the years has made me all the more aware of the opposing forces of life that so often coexist, creating a synergy within us: after all, in most of our stories there exists the fragilities and resilience that leads us towards new situations.

Family life has always been of prime importance to me, having friends call and a sense of humor.

My working life has usually been in psychotherapy and within this writing has often played its part.

Nowadays my husband and I live in Devon and absolutely love it although we visit our northern roots when we can. We have four children between us and four little grand-children. We also have a much loved bearded collie: Poppy.

David and I came together later in life although we often say to each-other we seem to have known each-other forever. It was after a very happy evening together at about two in the morning, that the core idea for Bring down the Moon was born.

I think since moving to Devon and becoming used to Devon Dark I am even more aware of the moon and all it means to me.

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