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The moon is the metaphor of timeless knowledge, the overarching concept that is unifying and brings a degree of peace and connectedness to the story, holding the secrets of all time. It is the same moon that shone on our great great grandparents and the same moon that will be shining on our children's grandchildren some day.

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A bitter/sweet relationship tale

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Posted: 14th October 2013
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Last Edited: 14th October 2013

Love doing reviews on Lovereading.and find the way they set out the information about the different books just so informative easy to follow and it just draws you in.

Bring down the moon is listed by Lovereading in Family Drama, Relationship tale, Romance , Reading groups etc..There are a growing number of novels out there to do with the relationship between sisters:

Sea Sisters, by lucy Clarke 

Sister by Rosamund Lupton

Little Women  by Louisa Alcott

The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory

Bring Down the Moon  by Eva Le Bon

Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild

It is interesting to see what has been written under Relationship Tales in Lovereading currently..

'No two relationships are the same, so is it any wonder that there is no shortage of great material in this section? We are big fans of relationship tales at Lovereading and we like to share the love. So, this section is where you’ll find all your favourite authors and, if you’ll let us be your relationship council, some brand new ones too.

Reading a book can be very much like a relationship. Sometimes you need warmth and wisdom (try Maeve Binchy, Cathy Kelly or Rosamunde Pilcher), sometimes you’re in a sexier mood (Jilly Cooper or Veronica Henry); sometimes you want to explore serious issues (Joanna Trollope or Libby Purves); there are times when you just want to throw your head back and have a good laugh (Maria Beaumont or Mavis Cheek) or for a bitter sweet tale then Bring down the Moon by Eva Le Bon shouldn't be missed.'


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A block busting film in the making.

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Posted: 17th July 2013
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This weekend I have been reading Richard Madeley's 'Some day I'll find you',

I just loved it, the title drew me in from the start....what does it mean? affection or a threat?

Full of the atmosphere and imponderables of war, the novel is written in two part: in the first half of the story, we witness the blossoming of a love affair between James the sexy dream pilot and Diana, the beautiful, Cambridge scholar. The second half has the hallmark of a psychological thriller.

Neither a Sebastien Faulks nor a Barbara Taylor Bradford but written in his own distinctive style, this novel is surely a BLOCK BUSTING FILM: the ultimate love story, a tale of contrasts: innocence, intrigue and deception.

Written with the urgency of a search and the pulsing beat of a heart that never gives up "Some day I'll find you" is an epic story of what people do for love.

No wonder it's flying off the shelves. Here is the link to my review, wonder if you too will hear Vera Lynn in the background!


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Re-think.Sing-Up time with the Invictus STARS in Mental Health Awareness Week

  What a victory. Thank you Gareth for laying your musical talent on the front line--for and with the invictus choir in order to produce something that will stand the test of time. The song-Flesh and Blood is so gutsy. We he ...


We think this well written family saga, from a small independent publisher, is a compelling and addictive read.'

Love Reading View.

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