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The moon is the metaphor of timeless knowledge, the overarching concept that is unifying and brings a degree of peace and connectedness to the story, holding the secrets of all time. It is the same moon that shone on our great great grandparents and the same moon that will be shining on our children's grandchildren some day.

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All > Bring down the moon > Talking Points
Posted: 21st June 2013
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Last Edited: 27th June 2013

Last night..It was so refreshing to read that when Lucy Clarke who wrote Sea Sisters was asked which sister did she identify with..she found herself hesitating and spoke of thinking a little like both. That was music to my ears, with the sister theme in Bring down the Moon inviting similar intrigue. ...

The Son in Law by Charity Norman, a Love Reading pre publication review by author: Eva Le Bon

All > Bring down the moon > Talking Points
Posted: 30th May 2013
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Last Edited: 30th May 2013

What a read! ... a child witnesses her mother killed by her father(manslaughter) and the resulting nightmare is played out in this harrowing story...'from that moment on' We watch the news but it's happening to someone else, would never happen to us. To bring us a balance of lighter moments, and th ...

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Book Survey Mood Boosting Books April 30th 2013

All > Bring down the moon > Talking Points
Posted: 30th April 2013
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Last Edited: 29th May 2013

Thank you to everyone who put Bring down the Moon forward on Twitter or the Vote for your Mood Boosting Book Survey, very mood boosting for me to see it on the list of 40 contenders!  

Stories within stories.

All > Bring down the moon > Talking Points
Posted: 7th February 2013
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Last Edited: 7th February 2013

BRING DOWN THE MOON is not autobiographical although they do say there's a story in all of us! In the story: "...Sandra opened the ebony box, richly inlaid with mother of pearl. Carefully, she clicked a lever inside the box.'Goodness, that's the sort of thing you see on the Antiques Road Show! Mind ...

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Re-think.Sing-Up time with the Invictus STARS in Mental Health Awareness Week

  What a victory. Thank you Gareth for laying your musical talent on the front line--for and with the invictus choir in order to produce something that will stand the test of time. The song-Flesh and Blood is so gutsy. We he ...


We think this well written family saga, from a small independent publisher, is a compelling and addictive read.'

Love Reading View.

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