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The moon is the metaphor of timeless knowledge, the overarching concept that is unifying and brings a degree of peace and connectedness to the story, holding the secrets of all time. It is the same moon that shone on our great great grandparents and the same moon that will be shining on our children's grandchildren some day.

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It is mental health awareness week. How are you?

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Posted: 21st May 2016
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Last Edited: 21st May 2016


Thank you so much INVICTUS- thank you Gareth for raising awareness with the royal team Harry Kate and William about the silent invisible nature of feeling unwell emotionally..

It is Mental Health Awareness Week


‘How are you?’ takes on a new meaning and is so hard to find the right words to reply with-how many of us give a moment to stay a while or make any attempt to help ease the journey of what might have become a first step to a  conversation? and then the bubble has gone. 

It is Mental Health Awareness Week. 

‘It is good to talk’- yes it might be and sometimes the hardest thing to do? but how about listening to each-other more too. It takes two to tango. Reassuring glances to and fro - could they sometimes feel enough? Can we have a try?

Maybe we can learn a bit more how we can be more of a friend to ourselves just for a moment or two?  How about having a read of How to be your own best friend by Paul Hauck.


It is Mental Health Awareness Week.

Maybe we can have a go  at reading a lovely poem by Nadina Stair ....and you might be picking more daisies!

It is Mental Health Awareness Week.

If I Had My Life Over - I would Pick More Daisies by Nadina Stair




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Re-think.Sing-Up time with the Invictus STARS in Mental Health Awareness Week

  What a victory. Thank you Gareth for laying your musical talent on the front line--for and with the invictus choir in order to produce something that will stand the test of time. The song-Flesh and Blood is so gutsy. We he ...


We think this well written family saga, from a small independent publisher, is a compelling and addictive read.'

Love Reading View.

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