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Valentines Competition

LOVEREADING and Valentine's Day

This was such a fun competition and thank you everyone who sent in re-think titles for

Bring down the Moon.

Two of the prize winners have come for their stay in Devon, so we're half way through!

I have kept a list of the winning selection of titles. Here they are: The first prize winner is :


1.Moon's pale light.

We loved this for the ethereal/fragile image which picks up the tone of the book beautifully. No matter how dim, pale the moon becomes, no matter how much it wanes, its paleness is poetic constancy and the light draws you in.


Second prize winners are:


2.Footsteps in the Moonlight

is strong imagery..we could hear the footsteps, see the silhouettes in the moonlight...imagery that feels healing.


2.Forget me Not Moon

Heartfelt and delicate/ yet surviving. In the story there is so much loss, and we felt touched at the simplicity of these thoughts .....the holding of life through time.


2.Moonlight to Daylight

gives a strong visual image of movement and change with it!


Winners of a copy of BRING DOWN THE MOON :

Tapestry Moon                 is a charming representative of the weave of our lives, and stories

Under the Moon of Life     loved the sense of the cards of life rich with difference

Guided by Moonlight        is a lovely feel to the tone of the stories.

Sights beyond the Moon ..visual and it! (love the inclusive mix of thought in this one)


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