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'Bring Down the Moon is a novel with emotions running throughout its interlocking stories  and really brought a tear to my eye. I think it has real potential to appeal to many people as the characters really draw you in and make it real. At no point are you aware that you're reading a story or feel any deliberate plot devices - it just absorbs you.'

Book Seller, Devon.


'Set in 1954 and running to the present day Bring Down the Moon is a tragically romantic story of the complex, entangled lives

of two sisters who marry two brothers; hoping for so much but finding life doesn't always work out as you planned. We think this

well written family saga, from a small independent publisher, is a compelling and addictive read.'

Love Reading View.


'I found this book at a time of great personal loss, I was looking for some escapism and a good read and boy did I get it!! This is an extremely well written, fabulous saga. Dealing with family life, love and loss it is compelling and soooo addictive. A brilliant mix of characters, you'll find you can't wait to find out more about. I want more please Eva.'

Mrs. Darcy, Yorkshire.

'I really like the narrative structure, the story within a story, and then the connectedness of the two. It works very well.This could make great TV!'

Ray Brown, Playwright Radio 4.


'I can’t remember the last time I encountered a book written with such warmth and sincerity. Bring down the Moon is a special find.'

Mark Ebden Research Assistant College Lecturer at University of Oxford

'This is a real little gem of a book waiting to be discovered. A fascinating story told in layers of characters. At times unsettling, but ultimately a story of hope - of the choices we make in the adversities that befall us in our lives. How can we be light and skip through our lives in the wake of tragedies. So cleverly written - and the end is magical.'

Ailsa Smith, clinical psychologist.


'Bring Down the Moon is a wonderful debut for Eva Le Bon. Taking us from post-war to present day, it is the compelling story of two sisters, Fleur and Maria. Inextricably bound together by an idyllic childhood, they struggle to find a way through the layers of secrets and destruction that unfold before them. There is an enchanting tenderness about Bring Down the Moon and Eva Le Bon's ability to turn the darkest of moments into light is extraordinary. Keep this book on your bedside table, for it will whisper words of comfort and wisdom long after you have turned the last page.'

Annie Bird, Munich, Germany.

'I read this book in one sitting, and found it both touching and truthful. There were - as other reviewers have said - some moments which were painfully sad to read, but there is also a redemptive quality to the narrative which leaves the reader feeling empowered. Initially I wondered whether the narrative frames would confuse me, but the layered narrative actually strengthens the story considerably; we are taken on the journeys of several characters spanning a number of different time periods, and the reader comes to care deeply about each character, most especially Fleur, whose story lies at the heart of the book. Sensitively written and full of wisdom.'

Mary Rose, Bristol.


'As a professional dealing with attachment and loss issues, this little book touched my soul on a personal and professional level. Its a story of life, loves, hopes and joy lost and found. Its also a very enjoyable and gripping read. Its top of my list to recommend to friends and clients, it leaves you feeling at peace with life. More please Eva.'

Carla Lee.


'I just finished reading BDTM and I loved it! Following the lives of the two sisters drew me in from cover to cover.I’ll be putting this on our Book Club reading list for sure!'

Annabel Krupp, Canada.


'The Moon' will never quite be the same again, Eva.You have an enduring and versatile theme for future journeys and reflections that will help me and your readers to digest, make sense and come to terms with life's challenges and joys.Inspirational, loved the invisible strands that connected through time Look forward to the television series!? Thanks.'

A. Doyle Lancaster.

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We think this well written family saga, from a small independent publisher, is a compelling and addictive read.'

Love Reading View.

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